Featured Pourovers at Fifth Street

Featured Pourovers at Fifth Street


Pour overs are a fantastic way to dive into the fun of specialty coffee. On our current lineup at Fifth Street, we have three different processes being featured. These three coffees are an excellent representation of what we are passionate about: great relationships with farmers and even better coffee. Read more about each of these coffees and then hustle over to Fifth Street to drink a perfectly extracted pourover.



Tasting Notes: Mandarin Orange - Cocoa - Vanilla

Variety: Pacamara

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl

Farm: Cafe Colomba

Fresh Harvest of an experimental microlot! This thriller comes from Mario Valliente, Sr. of Cafe Colomba in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador.

Airship has steadily been enjoying coffees from Mario, Sr. for a decade. He is not afraid of pushing boundaries in post harvest processing (one of our favorite aspects of crop production) and continues to exceed our expectations year after year. This coffee is a brilliant example of a synergetic relationship between an intriguing coffee variety and a unique post-harvest process that results in a cup you'll need to share.

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Tasting Notes: Lemonade - Red Currant - Cola 

Variety: SL 34 & SL 28 

Processing: Washed 

Origin: Kenya

This washed coffee from the Nyeri County growing region is the product of a super dialed cupping team and a lot of hard work from a collective of farmers. We were able to find this coffee with the help of the Queen Cupper, Dinah. (swipe right) Actually, this coffee could also be called, "Dinah Select"! Big ups to Dinah and our trusted partners at Crop to Cup. The washed coffee is picked, floated, and separated by washing channel & the parchment is dried on raised beds.



Tasting notes: Apricot - Hazelnut - Brown Sugar

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Honey

Altitude: 1800m

Origin: El Salvador

This coffee is another flavor jewel produced by the Valiente family, who we've been working with for 10 years now. Mario Valiente Sr. runs production and is super dialed on processing techniques, a mad scientist of sorts. This micro-lot is depulped immediately after harvest, then dried with the honey layer (sweet, sticky mucilage) left on the seed. It's dried on raised beds, but under shade cloth to moderate temperature and slow down the drying time a bit. This coffee has BIG brown sugar aroma & candied pecan flavor. 

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