Sumatra Highlands Honey Brew Experience

Sumatra Highlands Honey Brew Experience

We love a good berry forward and sweet coffee from Ethiopia, but have you ever considered having a similar experience from Indonesian coffees? This coffee shattered my idea of Indonesian coffee boasting a vibrant acidity, similar to a blueberry that sparkles on your palate like eating a pineapple. It's delicately  sweet and nectary like guava, and boasts a light, tea-like body similar to jasmine tea. 

If you enjoy Ethiopian coffee, you should at least give this one a try.

I’ve been sipping and brewing this with a Kalita. Using 400 grams of water, and 25 grams of coffee. You should grind it a little more fine than usual - shoot for a texture in between raw sugar, and fine confectioners sugar. When all is said and done, your brew should finish between 2:50 and 3 minutes. 

Happy Brewing!

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