Airship Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Airship at Coler is open from 8-5:30 daily.

Airship on 5th St is open from 7 - 7 daily.

Airship at the Ledger is open from 7-5 on Monday - Friday, 7-2 on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Airship at the Pumphouse is open from 7 -7 on Sunday - Thursday, 7am - 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

You are not able to drive to this location, but you can walk or ride your bike down the greenway right to our front door! Park at one of the Coler Parking lots and follow the greenway to us!

Coffee Shop Coler Bentonville AR

Enjoy Airship Open-Air Cafe in COLER

It's time to buckle up high flyers because we're set for an adrenalin-fuelled espresso ride at the delightful Ubiquitous Airship Coffee in picturesque Coler, Bentonville AR. Airship coffee isn't just a name, it's our personality - our persona even! A magical blend combining the whimsy of hot air balloons and the obsession with roasting the finest single-origin coffees.

Picture this - you're ambling around the tranquil Coler area on a breezy day, passing countless spots, all vying for your attention almost as aggressively as for your coins. You're searching for the perfect outdoor cafe with the aroma of freshly brewed joe punctuating the air to take a breather, sip on a creamy latte or two, and watch the world whirl away. Well, you're in luck, fellow coffee lovers! The Airship Open-Air Cafe is just the secret haven you're yearning for.

What's more, this is not your usual streamlined coffee bar. Nope, not at all! Airship Open-Air Cafe, your new favorite coffee shop in Coler, Bentonville AR, adds a delicious twist to your typical coffee rendezvous. Picture this - while treating your tastebuds to an exotic spread of handcrafted coffees, roasts, and pastries, you're also surrounded by mountain bike trails, native landscaping and laughs of kiddos - an outdoor setting that stays true to the natural majesty of Coler.

What better way to enjoy the day than a coffee date at our open-air cafe? From and after bike snack to a morning stroll, every moment becomes sweeter with a cup of Airship coffee, simply perfect for afternoons! We have an array of delightful treats, from the classic latte, local beers and snack foods all ready to fill you up!

With inviting interiors that please your aesthetic senses and the spectacle of steaming-hot beverages prepped at our bustling coffee bar, we at the Airship Coffee ensure to stimulate all your senses! So, jump on your bike, grab your stroller or just bring some friends for a ride or walk to Airship at Coler!

About Coler

If you haven't been to Coler yet, put that on your bucket-list pronto! It's like a magical kingdom of fun and adventure, tucked oh-so-nicely into the hillside of the stunning Ozarks. Nah, we ain't kidding! You know, the Ozarks and Coler are like peanut butter and jelly ... a pairing that would give you a joyful skip in your heart.

Maybe you're asking, "What's so special about Coler?" Let us clear the air—Coler is no ordinary mountain. Nope! It's Coler Mountain Bike Park we're talking about here! Famous for its heart-thumping bike trails and essential pit stops for tired and thirsty riders, it’s a veritable paradise of nature, brimming with unbeatable views and lush greenery.

Airship Coffee’s open-air cafe in Coler is another gem of this place. But hey, there's something more to it. The Coler we know is not just about biking, hiking, chilling out, or sipping delicious coffee in the open air. It promises a sense of belonging with nature and a sweet escape from the hustle n' bustle of Bentonville.

Right there in the center of Coler Mountain is where you'll find the heart and soul of Coler itself. A place where locals and tourists alike can wind down, reboot and soak in the rich culture of the Ozarks. Picture yourself sipping on a foamy latte at the Airship Open-Air Cafe in Coler, taking in the vast greens of Coler Mountain and exploring the diverse beauty that the Ozarks have to offer. Yep, sounds pretty dreamy, doesn't it?

But wait, there's more! Coler is an adventure land! From pedaling on heart-pounding trails, hiking through the wilderness, to relaxing at a cool coffee shop with your favorite novel—there ain't a dull moment in Coler.

So, y'all ready to traverse the Coler Mountain? We betcha you are. Let the Ozarks welcome you with open arms and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee guide you in. The magic of Coler in the heart of the Ozarks just got a whole lot more exciting now, didn't it? Dive in, folks!

Experience Crystal Bridges Accessible from COLER

If you're a coffee enthusiast in Arkansas, let's embark on a fun caffeinated journey. Our starting point? The quirky and stylish Airship Coffee shop in Coler, Bentonville AR. Believe us, folks, this is not your ordinary coffee stop. This place is pure magic in a cup. But there's even more magic awaiting just a ride away!

It's no secret that Arkansas is home to the famed Crystal Bridges. And guess what? It's so easy to get to from Coler! Yep, that's right, you'll be surrounded by incredible artworks in no time. The stunning mix of nature and art at Crystal Bridges is a welcoming sight after sipping on Airship's aromatic brews. There's no question why it's one of the most visited places in Arkansas.

After your visit, hop back to Airship Coffee in Coler. Relax with a cup of the finest coffee in town and let the artistic impressions sink in. Trust us; it's a beautiful feeling. Not to mention, the scenery around Coler is enough reason to indulge in a swift bike ride back and forth.

There's a particular vibe about Arkansas that brings a soothing charm. The ambiance, the art, the coffee, we promise it's worth every moment. But hey, don't just take our word for it! Experience it yourself. Start with Airship Coffee, ride to Crystal bridges, and finish off again at our Coffee Shop in Coler, Bentonville AR. Remember, experiences are like a good cup of coffee- they're best when shared. So, grab a friend, a brew, and let the adventure begin!