Open-Air Cafe

We've been serving specialty coffee and our biggest culinary menu yet at our coffee shop in the woods for about two years now. It's become one of our town's favorite places to meet friends after work for a dinner outdoors, settle into a quiet place to read a few pages, or find something cold to drink after you've just ridden what feels like 75 miles. 

Even more than serving you a stellar cup of coffee, we love seeing everyone have the time of their lives in the creek, on the swings, dropping The Hard Way to the Cafe, and hanging out with no phones in sight. That’s what this whole thing is about - making a place where authentic community thrives.

Coler Info

We do not offer public Wifi at this location, so come prepared with a book, your friends, or your thoughts! All parking lots are just under a mile walk to our cafe in the center of the park. This location is wheelchair accessible. Our current hours are 8am-5:30pm everyday.


Hours: 8am-5:30pm

There are three available parking lots listed below. 

1. Coler Mountain Bike Preserve South Gateway (NW 3rd Street)

2. Coler Grove Parking Lot (Just up the road from the South Gateway on the right)

3. Coler North Trail Head Parking Lot (Peach Orchard Rd)

If you're coming from Downtown Bentonville, consider using the sustainable route by using the new bike lane on 3rd Street!