Colombia Strawberry Wine Brew Experience

Colombia Strawberry Wine Brew Experience

How often do you think about the meaning of the words you say? The meaning of the word Impress or Impressive can be compared to the work of a printing press that would use a type set to impress some material with a series of letters to form words. When you say you are impressed by something someone has done, you are declaring that someone's actions have left an impression on you. 

Remarkable is another word with similar connotation. Remarkable = worthy of attention or unusual in a surprising or impressive way. 

When we cupped this unique honey processed coffee from Colombia the aroma alone captured our attention and left us remarking of its excellence, and later on impressed by its quality and complexity of flavor,  boasting a sensory experience that reminds us of Strawberry blossoms, Rose, and White Tea.

We decided to sample this to some guests in our cafe. Here’s a few remarks our guest made about this coffee. 

‘It tastes like strawberry jam! How is it so sweet without adding sugar?”

“I think that's the best coffee I've ever tasted.”

“You know those strawberry candies your grandparents had? It tastes exactly like that!”

This coffee will demand your attention simply by the way it smells. Come by our cafe and enjoy a pourover, or buy it online and brew it at home. We think it tastes best on a Kalita wave, with 25 grams of coffee, 400 grams of water. Your grind texture should be similar to medium fine sand. The coffee should be finished brewing around 2:45 and you… should be dancing, because you are about to taste one remarkable coffee.

Happy Brewing!

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