Jetpack Guy

Jetpack Guy
jetpack guy from airship coffee

If you’re reading this, it’s probably not your first time seeing the illustration we’ve personified into “Jetpack Guy.” He’s landed on some merch, postcards, and been pinned up in a couple places around our roastery. He disappears for a bit and then gets rejuvenated in a new, funky way throughout the seasons. This year, we put him on one of our favorite to-go tumblers from Miir and we think he looks pretty slick.

While he’s fun, eye-catching, and looks great on merchandise, he’s become a definitive part of Airship’s storytelling. Jetpack Guy fits right into the fold - right next to our namesake blimp in the sky that illustrates its own story about who we are. Mark says it best:


mark bray quote


​​So as we sign off our emails with “Onward & Upward,” revel in the 30,000 foot view, and keep our eyes peeled up & to the right, Jetpack Guy is there encouraging it all. He’s blasting off the ground into the unknown, providing keen insight and fueling endless excitement at what’s in store. And while that 30,000 foot view gives us a glimpse into endeavors ahead, it also keeps us grounded by revealing where we’ve been. Jetpack Guy keeps us rooted, humble, and striving forward on an exploratory trajectory. His cool factor is just an awesome plus.

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