Education at Airship

Education at Airship

Written by Airship Coffee's Head of Education, Aaron Morton.

We are lifelong learners at Airship. One of our most foundational beliefs is growth through learning. For us this means finding a way to do right by everyone involved in the work we do. Our Farmers, anyone we source products from, our team members, and you as our customer: we hope your spirit is lifted, or made to feel better in some way when you leave and as you move to your next interaction. We approach every day with a perspective that there is something to learn from our past, something of immense value in the present, and room to be humble as we move toward the future. We believe that Education, if approached with these things in mind, will move us forward in the pursuit of creating a better tomorrow.

Humility and Hospitality are the driving forces behind our desire to learn. As a result, our approach to sharing what we know must in some way, follow suit to be worth the energy. Our Education Program is structured to communicate agreed upon industry standards, and leave room for creative energy to build and discover new things. We teach in-depth knowledge on crucial topics such as Post Harvest Processing and what they are, (natural, honey, and washed to name a few), but not just for the sake of knowing. In short, if what we know about coffee does not function as a bridge to build new relationships across the bar, everything that coffee represents is meaningless. In Coffee Origin & Processing we tell the stories of our farmers, and the journey coffee goes through to get to us, and then we talk about sciencey stuff related to fermentation, taste profiles, and the how of coffee processing. Connection through education is always the end goal of pushing through the journey of learning something new. At the end of the day, we have more work to do if what we know becomes a barrier to your experience rather than an enhancement. 

Our hope is that when you interact with content like this, our baristas in cafe, or Airship anywhere online, you feel that the reason you are seeing or reading something is because we care deeply about what we do and want you to be apart of it and share in the fun as we work to make a more authentic and thriving community. Cheers!


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