Leave the Keys

Leave the Keys

Today, we are so excited to be launching an elevated version of our Leave The Keys Program! If you’ve ever been to our fifth street cafe, you may have heard of this discount.  We offer all of our customers 10% OFF their order if they left their keys at home and biked to our cafe. This is a way to incentivize our customer base to choose the more sustainable route and commute. Getting more people on bikes is always an awesome move.

The incentive worked. It’s working so well that we’ve decided to beef it up a bit. The idea is pretty simple. If you ride your bike five times in one month to our Fifth Street location, you get free drip coffee. If you ride your bike ten times, you get a free 12oz latte. If you ride your bike 15 times, you get a free pastry or taco AND drip coffee. Each month these challenges reset, so you have even more chances to get free goodies from us! 

We’re partnering with the non-profit People For Bikes to use their app, Ride Spot, to be able to track these rides to us. Getting set up is a super easy process.

  1. Download the Ride Spot App.
  2. Create an account. 
    1. Link your account with Strava! If you do this and record your rides through Strava, they will automatically sync with Ride Spot. No additional recording necessary. Integrating with Strava must be done on the desktop. Here are more detailed instructions.
  3. On the social feed, search “Airship Coffee” and follow our profile.
  4. On the home page under challenges, search “Airship Coffee.” Three Leave the Keys challenges will be available to join. Join each individual one. These challenges will reset every month. Make sure to rejoin at the beginning of each month.
  5. Record each of your rides either in the Ride Spot App or in Strava if you have integrated the apps.
  6. Ride from anywhere in the world to Airship Coffee at Fifth Street a minimum of five times.
  7. After your fifth time, your first reward will be redeemable. Show your “completed” page to your barista, and enjoy free drip coffee!
  8. Enjoy your coffee. Bike. Repeat.

As we expand into two more cafes, these challenges will get bigger and better. We might even start giving out bags of coffee and exclusive merch for completing certain challenges. But who knows - you’ll have to ride to find out!

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