Brew Guide: Fresh Crop Blend - Guatemala

Brew Guide: Fresh Crop Blend - Guatemala

Written by Airship's Head of Education, Aaron Morton.

This coffee represents a unique opportunity for you as a member of our community to engage with what makes Airship what it is - a place where authentic community thrives. Partnership is the fuel that makes this engine run, and trust is the energy that drives us forward. For over 10 years we have worked with Julio Melendez and Joel Perez to continually produce high quality coffee that always performs. This blend is an example of our Elevated Series of coffees developed to showcase the power of partnership, giving you access to some of the highest quality coffees. 

grind size reccomendation

This blend of coffee was developed from that same spirit of partnership with the belief that two is always better than one - taking two excellent coffees from two stellar individuals, blending them together to produce a simple and elegant cup that boasts a red apple-like acidity, meyer lemon sweetness and a delicious velvety body. To brew this coffee at home all you need is a simple 12 cup automatic brewer. A Mr. Coffee pot will do the trick!

Using a 1:17 ratio, fill your coffee pot with water to the 10 cup line (equivalent to 1500 grams of water). If you have a grinder at home, grind the coffee with your normal automatic brewer setting to achieve a grind texture a little bit coarser than sand. View this photo for reference, or ask your barista to grind it for drip! Take a tablespoon and measure 6 scoops of coffee (equivalent to 90 grams) into your filter and press brew! After a few minutes, you will be enjoying the legacy of Julio and Joel, joining us as partners in the work of making this a place where authentic community thrives.

Happy Sipping!

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