Our Mission


Farm Direct is our way of bringing you remarkable coffees while ensuring that farmers have viable livelihoods.

Great coffee begins on the farm at the hands of growers who care about the land and understand its ability to produce fruit.  We work alongside these growers, experimenting with techniques, testing ideas in the field, and sharing what we learn to improve the crop.  As quality in the cup improves, we are able to reward growers with higher prices year after year.




Our approach goes above and beyond merely finding green coffee.  We are deeply involved at the farm level and committed to using our talents and resources to develop amazing coffee through relationships that are built on trust. 




We think coffee is pretty rad.


We draw inspiration from our environment.  Oftentimes you'll find us on the pristine mountain bike trails of our home in Northwest Arkansas. We get our best ideas when we are out on the endless trails in our own backyard. 




Go above and beyond to elevate coffee, provide meaningful experiences and use our resources for good.

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