Night Moves

Night Moves

You asked (begged, actually) and we listened! Introducing our deepest, darkest roast to date, Night Moves. After dozens (hundreds?) of requests, we decided to take the beans to their limit for this tasty, dark roasted blend. 

We started out roasting Night Moves after our friends at Trade Coffee requested a darker roast. They noticed a gap in the market. There wasn’t anyone roasting dark coffees with the attentiveness and quality that light and medium coffees are normally roasted at. So the folks who really enjoy a darker, more full-bodied cup were left with something tasting bitter and blackened without any real body or flavor notes.

We thought we would change the game and give the people what they wanted at the quality that they deserve. We answered their call with Night Moves. The truth is that we love our medium, light roasted coffees - but it’s not all about us and our preference! If our goal is to source, roast, and deliver the tastiest coffees we can get our hands on, why would we not apply the same reasoning to a darker roast?

After playing with blend components and roast profiles, Night Moves was born. .. Trade subscribers loved it so much that we made it available to all of our customers via our cafes, website, and as an Airship subscription.

 Finally, you can find Night Moves comfortably at home with the rest of our lineup! You can thank Tom, Stephanie, Roderigo, Marlene, Sarah, James, Juan, and the dozens of other folks who reached out with the request. Trust us, you’re looking for that deeper, darker, delicious roast, then going to LOVE this new coffee.

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