Meet The Cold Case

Meet The Cold Case

If you’ve been to our Fifth Street location within the last month, you might’ve noticed a new addition to your favorite neighborhood hangout: the cold case.

We’ve heard the whispers at the bar, the pining for more food, the friendly “do you have any more options?”

Well, we were tired of telling everyone no and seeing the looks of hungry disappointment. Airship is in the business of creating and sharing smiles, and this outcome was giving us the opposite. We went back to the basics to brainstorm how we could fill a gap our community was expressing. Airship at Fifth Street isn’t a restaurant, and it’s never going to be. It is a place where the neighborhood can gather around coffee and good friends, both things that fuel elevated living.

Adding grab & go food options seemed like the best idea that was true to both Airship’s purpose and satisfied the growing needs of our community. Three of Airship’s best foodies started crafting and curating meals with simple and filling ingredients. Seasonal vegetables, nutrient-filled grains, perfectly paired spices, and more all go into making recipes that will fuel your life.

They’ve also been hard at work creating new baked goods. If you’re the kind of person who likes a little something sweet alongside your coffee, we officially have you covered. 

We’re super proud of them and of what they’ve made behind the scenes. The expertise, creativity, and attention to detail are just a few of the things we love about the team members who spend their time making delicious food in our kitchen. 

With new baked goods at the bar, and a new cold case boasting food to fuel, we feel confident about helping you elevate your quality of life. So please swing by. We are always happy to see you. 

Here’s just a few of the Airship Staff’s favorite things in the cold case.

Aaron - Kale Salad -  “The simple lemon dressing just makes me excited for life.” Enough said. 

Chloe - HOP WTR - “It makes me feel hoppy & healthy!” 

Mark - Grapefruit Ramblers - This guy crushes a six pack of Grapefruit Ramblers every day. Not kidding. You’ll never see him drink regular water again.

Gabriel - Cashew Queso - “Honestly, it’s really complimentary with the chips that we serve. It makes the perfect snack.”

Shaylin - Winter Vegetable Salad - “I just love potatoes, and it’s not too sweet with a little bit of tang.”

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