Arkansas Harvest Series

Introducing Airship's Arkansas Harvest Series: Embark on a flavor journey that hits close to home, by design! 

Each “Airship Harvest Series” coffee has been artfully blended in-house using co-fermented coffees to embody the flavors of Arkansas’ unique produce harvest season.

With new blends launching from now until September, each coffee will be featured alongside local farms to celebrate fresh, seasonal produce. We are so excited to get this rolodex rolling out and celebrate all the hands that have been a part of this project.

But what IS a co-fermented coffee? 

If y’all harken back to the days of Colombia Peach or Strawberry Wine, then you’re probably familiar! In short, co-fermenting is a farmer-led approach to bean processing that involves adding organic matter, like fruit, fermenting alongside the coffee and unpacking those sugary suitcases of all natural flavor into the beans.

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