SCA Coffee Skills Program

Introduction to Coffee, Foundations Barista, and Foundations Brewing.

Specialty Coffee Association Classes - The SCA provides industry standards and protocols for training. Let us walk you through their certificate programs from Introduction to Foundations level. By going through these intensive courses, you will gain real-world training, as well as industry standard certification that you can take with you anywhere. 

Certifications Earned: 

Introduction to Coffee -- Learn about coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing, this module provides an overview of the coffee value chain.

SCA Brewing Foundations -- Learn about the variety of methods for brewing coffee and the brewing variables that affect quality. The Brewing module provides hands-on learning on grind profiles, brewing methods, measuring coffee strength and charting a coffee’s extraction.

SCA Barista Foundations -- Learn the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar: learn how to set your grinder, milk techniques and latte art, health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices.


These classes will be held on July 8-10th, at the world-class coffee training center inside Brightwater, A Center for the Study of Food

 Instructor: Rainy Bray