Kenya - Nyeri

Tasting Notes: Lemonade - Red Currant - Cola 
Variety: SL 34 & SL 28 
Processing: Washed 
Origin: Kenya 

We're stoked to have a couple Kenyan offerings back in the lineup! Worth a celebration for sure! Juicy and bright with just enough of that classic red currant to let you know its truly a Kenyan. We encourage you to try both our Nyeri & Giakanja Kenyan coffees and let us know your favorite! 

This washed coffee from the Nyeri County growing region is the product of a super dialed cupping team and a lot of hard work from a collective of farmers. We were able to find this coffee with the help of the Queen Cupper, Dinah. (swipe right) Actually, this coffee could also be called, "Dinah Select"! Big ups to Dinah and our trusted partners at Crop to Cup. The washed coffee is picked, floated, and separated by washing channel & the parchment is dried on raised beds.