Fresh Crop Blend - Rwanda

Tasting Notes: - Pear - Cherry - Rose

Blend Components: This coffee blend is made from a red bourbon variety from two distinct growing districts in Rwanda. The first coffee is a washed processed coffee from the Gakenke district in northern Rwanda. The second coffee is a low oxygen natural processed coffee from the Gatsibo District in eastern Rwanda. 

The story: In the hills of Janja and Remera Sundog Trading's exporting partner Emmanuel is busy curating excellent top of the line coffee. Emmanuel focuses on smaller coffee lot separations by processing groups of farmers’ coffee together based on the highest quality growing areas. Not only is Emmanuel laser focused on quality, he is also driven by the well being of the farmers in these growing regions. In Emmanuel's own words: "We have the responsibility of developing farmers, buying their cherries, marketing their coffee with full traceability, and at the end, paying the highest possible price that will make them motivated and happy to grow coffee. We strongly believe that our strength is based on the happy farmers that we work with."