Ethiopia Dumerso


Variety: Heirloom

Processing: Low O2 Natural

Altitude: 1880 to 2200m

Origin: Ethiopia

A low oxygen processed Ethiopian heirloom variety with a sweet orange aroma, delicate floral acidity, and a full round finish. This coffee comes from the Dumerso Washing Station. Led by a dynamic sister team who have been working in coffee for over 20 years, Hirut (Beti) Birhanu and Mahder Birhanu have put an emphasis on process control. We're grateful for our partnership with Catalyst Trade that made it possible to sip on this sweet & complex goodness! 

Who is Catalyst Trade? Catalyst Trade is Ethiopian-American owned, woman-led, and devoted to equality. They say it best themselves: “We are changing coffee for the better, forever.”

Over a decade ago, Mark got his Q Grader alongside Michael McIntyre. After forming a friendship, they kept in touch, have cupped coffees together, and each began their own coffee pursuits. While Mark began roasting coffee in Arkansas, Michael, his wife Emily, and Zelalem Girma Bayou formed a dynamic trio during the 2013/14 Ethiopian coffee harvest. Catalyst Trade emerged, a vertically-integrated coffee importing business that is redefining how specialty coffee is pursued. Catalyst Trade doesn’t just go in and cherry pick the greatest coffees - they consistently put education, quality, and development opportunities for the Ethiopian farmers above all else. This is the distinctive difference that makes us stoked to partner with them as an importer.