El Salvador - Pacamara Natural

variety: Pacamara
processing: sun dried natural
altitude: 1700m
origin: Calera, El Salvador

Whole Bean

Airship's new Pacamara Sun-dried natural from El Salvador is a brilliant example of a synergistic relationship between an intriguing coffee variety and a unique post-harvest process that results in a cup full of sweet and savory deliciousness.
The Pacamara variety is an intraspecific hybrid developed out of a breeding program housed at El Salvador's Institute for Coffee Research that started back in the 1958. The two parents of its partial namesake, "PACA - MARA", are Pacas and Maragogipe.  Both are mutations.  The Pacas variety, a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, was discovered on the San Rafael farm in Santa Ana and is prized for its shorter size and increased productivity.  Whereas Maragogipe, a mutation of Typica, was sought after for its large bean size and excellent cup quality. After more than thirty years of artificially cross breeding selections and evaluating the progeny for desireable traits, the selected lines were combined to obtain the Pacamara variety, an exotic combination of productivity in the field and quality in the cup.
Historically, Pacamara has been processed as a fully washed coffee that results in a clean, yet savory and sometimes spicy profile. Flavor notes of jalepeno pepper jelly are not uncommon.  
We began to wonder what would happen to Pacamara's flavor if we processed it using the sun-dried natural method?  Our experience has demonstrated that when certain coffees are processed under very specific and highly regulated sun-dried natural protocols, the method can result in a broader and enhanced spectrum of fruits; including cherry, red raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc.  We are crazy about super clean, super bright fruit bomb coffees so we were stoked when our friend, Mario Valiente Sr. agreed to give this process a try with his prized Pacamara.  The results were astounding.  Not only did the coffee possess its characteristic sweet and savory profile, but it was layered in multiple tropical fruits.
The flavor profile is almost too complex to describe.
Flavor description: jasmine floral, crisp green apple, clove spice, cinnamon, vanilla cream, brown sugar, red raspberry, cabernet, pineapple, mango, brown sugar, toffee, dark cherry.
The acidity is brilliant and juicy.  The body is ultra creamy with a lingering vanilla creme aftertaste.   
Recommended brewing:  We've been enjoying this coffee brewed in the Kalita pour over and our Bona-vita brewer. Both while using a medium to fine grind size. 
We often emphasize the importance of relationships in our work and this is no exception.  This amazing coffee wouldn't be possible without our partner producers willingness to innovate and ability to execute a meticulous production and post harvest processing plan.  Hat's off to Mario Sr. Keep up the good work.  



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