Costa Rica - San Pablo Honey

Tasting Notes:Cherry Blossom - Toffee - Honey 
Variety: Catuai 
Processing:Red Honey 
Origin:Costa Rica 

This super duper sweet coffee is brought to us by Tito Monge and the folks at Laderas del Aguacate. Tito acquired part of the farm in 2008 from his father who'd been coffee farming his entire life. Tito's been actively studying, saving, and investing back into the farm to benefit not only him but area farmers as well. 

After building his own wet mill, Tito has become well known for his "reposado" (rested) step during processing. After the ripened cherries are picked, he leaves the coffee in the receiving tank for 36 hours under controlled temperatures and later uses machinery to leave approx 70% of the mucilage on the seed before going to dry on raised beds. 

Red Honey: What does that mean? The processing method, red honey, refers to the amount of mucilage left on the bean after being mechanically washed. Leaving a bit of mucilage on and slowing down the drying process requires more attention and time. We think the results of that extra attention really shine through in the cup on this one.