Costa Rica - Diego Abarca - Typica Honey

Tasting NotesSugar Cane, Apricot, Milk Chocolate 

Variety: Typica

Processing: Honey 

Altitude: 1650m 

Farm: San Juan

Country: Costa Rica 

Region: Tarrazu

Sub-Region: Alto de San Juan, San Carlos 

Diego Abarca has been raised among coffee producers and has found his calling by spearheading many of the business decisions made by the farm in recent years. Until 10 or 15 years ago, nearly every farmer in Costa Rica delivered their cherries to cooperatives or multinationals to be processed. That is how Diego's family and neighbors did it until a few years ago. A huge benefit to processing your own coffee is that you're better able to maintain the quality standards and because of that, your coffee sells at higher prices. As their farm grew, so did the family's understanding of what they were missing by not processing their own coffee. 

A little over 5 years ago, Diego started his family's micromill, Alto San Juan. Today, Diego and his family has succeeded in producing a higher quality coffee, getting a better price for their product, and growing the volume they process. His vision is to work with quality focused roasters (like Airship!) in providing them with increasingly better coffee year after year.

This particular variety, Typica, is unique in that it's not as commonly grown as it was years ago. The yield per tree is low, the risk to major disease is high, but the cup quality is incredible. The risk these producers took in planting Typica versus the many other varieties available is just another reason to add this to your bucket list of coffees. Diego's dedication to quality is evident and we're looking forward to seeing more from him and his family. 

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