Barley Milk Latte + VanillaBarley Milk Latte + Vanilla
$ 47.40
  • Upcycled plant protein 

  • Sustainable alternative milk made from spent barley grain

  • Conveniently packaged for life on the go


This sustainable, brand new milk alternative is the first of it's kind and we're excited to be offering such an innovative, American made, form of clean caffeine!

Barleymilk is a sustainable, upcycled plant protein made from spent barley grain. Not only does is taste naturally sweet with zero added sugar but it offers 4 whole grams of plant protein per can! 

We blend our single-origin Guatemalan cold brewed coffee with Barleymilk and add a touch of sun-cured Madagascar vanilla, to make a dairy free latte with a silky mouthfeel and a naturally sweet finish. 

Conveniently packaged for the road, river, or trail.

7.5 fl oz / case of 12 

Shelf Stable  


Barleymilk is upcycled, fully sustainable, and unlike any other milk alternative in the industry. One of our favorite things about Barleymilk is that it was born as an upcycled solution for the millions of pounds of spent grain that are produced as a byproduct of beer brewing annually. Our partners at EverGrain realized that this fiber and protein rich byproduct probably had a better future than a trip to the landfill. After years of research, they developed Barleymilk. It not only tastes great but also offers a level of nutrition that other alternatives have yet to offer in the form of protein, fiber and zero sugar. Enjoy a super smooth, silky, toasty flavor that compliments our cold brew perfectly. 

There’s no additional land or energy needed to grow it and minimal water & energy required to transform it into the product we’ve come to love. The sooner we can move away from nuts that take a million gallons of water to grow, the better. 


Our partners at EverGrain have developed an Upcycled™ Certified solution for the billions of pounds of spent barley grain that are left over each year from brewing beer all around the world. They knew this nutrient rich spent – or, rather, ‘saved’ – grain was meant for a better future than a trip to the landfill. Through years of research and development, they've created the most sustainable and innovative alternative milk the industry has ever seen. Airship is excited to be partnering with EverGrain to bring you such an innovative and sustainably produced form of clean energy. Read more about EverGrain’s newest ingredient, EverPro™, here.


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