Mama Carmen's Vision Grows

Who is Airship?

Seven years ago we opened a cafe inspired by a Guatemalan woman caring for orphans. Our closest partner during this time was Airship. They have sourced our coffee from day one, visiting Guatemala to buy the coffee and roasting it fresh each week for us to serve at the cafe.

In the future we see our vision as Mama Carmen's Coffee growing into something that goes beyond one farm in Guatemala, which is why we are joining Airship. Airship invests in many farms around the world that are changing the lives of those nearby. 

Here's a story Airship recently shared, showing why we are excited to be part of their mission:


Four years ago we visited the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi. Ben and Christy Carlson head up the project. They moved their family there from the US with a commitment to elevate the coffee in Burundi and be a resource to coffee farmers.

They were facing a dilemma. A piece of coffee processing equipment was stuck in port and it appeared the only way to get it out was to pay a bribe. The harvest had begun and farmers were bringing in their coffee cherries, which needed to be processed right away.

Airship had been experimenting with sun dried natural processing of coffee that did not require the equipment, or even water, an already scarce resource. We were able to help Ben use this processing method. The coffee was saved and no bribe was payed.

Today that connection is still strong. We are thrilled to offer coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project. Each year the coffee has gotten better and you are not to going to want to miss this year's. It sparkles with sweet watermelon and vanilla.

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