Airship Coffee LOCATIONS

Find your perfect cup of coffee at any of our locations in Bentonville, Arkansas. We'll see you soon.


Our flagship location located in the Arts District of Bentonville. Fifth Street sets the tone for Airship - it's the home of our roastery, our offices, and the original neighborhood hangout.

Airship at Coler

An open-air cafe only accessible via walking and biking inside of the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. This place defines our motto - "Drink Coffee, Go Outside." Click for more info on drink & culinary options, hours, and directions on how to get to this one of a kind cafe.

Airship at THe Pumphouse

We've had our eye on this building for almost a decade.  Our vision is to begin a new chapter of this historic building while celebrating its rich history. There’s a multitude of stories to tell, and we’re just getting started. With the biggest kitchen we’ve had to date, we’re serving up our largest and most innovative culinary menu inspired by global coffee travels. Paired with an elevated cocktail menu, an expanded bakery, and our tried & true coffee offerings, Airship at the Pumphouse is designed to be an extension of the neighborhood. A place where folks can find themselves outside of home and work.

Airship at THe Ledger

A coffee shop located inside the world's first bikeable building? It's almost like this opportunity was made for us. The buildout for this cafe is happening now and happening fast. We're excited to serve coffee in the heart of downtown Bentonville at The Ledger. Coming soon.