Coffee Canister + coffee included!

Fresher Coffee / Less Waste 

Our favorite way to store coffee comes with a patented lid that dispels air to keep your coffee fresh. Our partners over at Planetary Design make the best canisters on the market. Their valve technology forces air out and keeps coffee freshness in while still allowing it to "breath". We ship the canister with 500g of either Ethiopia, Buffalo Blend, or Black Bear-- your choice! That amount of coffee is equal to TWO of our retail bags. There's no BPA, no air making your coffee stale, while eliminating your need for packaging. That's what we call a win/win. 


Join the Canister Club! If you stop by our Coffee Bar on 5th St in Bentonville, we'll fill up your canister for only $13-$15, depending on which coffee you choose! That's like getting two-for-one pricing on retail bags! Hands down, best deal in town. 

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