Costa Rica - Natural Caturra

Farm: Hermanos Robles Cerro 

Tasting Notes: Blackberry - Lime Juice - Vanilla 

Variety: Catuai / Caturra 

Processing: Natural 

Origin:Costa Rica

This is our first release of our fresh crop Costa Rican coffees! We can't get over how sweet, creamy, and fruit forward this one is. Grown and processed by the Hermanos Robles Cerros farm and micro mill, there's been an evolution to the processing methods they've been using. Originating in mostly honey process and now moving more towards longer fermentations. This coffee tastes DIALED with just enough complexity to keep things interesting. Great proof of a farmer's open-mind and willingness to take risks with experimentation. 

We found this coffee through our relationship with Selva Coffee. Their story is as unique as the coffees they help us find. Selva is consistently putting education, connection, and growth opportunities for Costa Rican farmers ahead of anything else.  We couldn't be more on board with what they're doing and the way they're doing it.