Costa Rica - Gustavo Monge - Catuai Natural

Tasting Notes Strawberry, Vanilla Creme, Chardonnay

Variety: Catuai



FarmEl Trapiche

Country: Costa Rica 

Region: Tarrazu

Sub-Region: La Esperanza / San Carlos

We found this coffee through our friends at Selva Coffee and it's one of our favorites! Gustavo and his family have been producing coffee for 60-70 years. His grandparents started the tradition and his parents followed. However, they used to work in a more conventional manner and simply delivered their fruit to cooperatives or multinationals. Eight years ago Gustavo decided to opt for a change to the micro-beneficio model and a different way of working. He believes that it lends to a special way of exporting coffee more transparently and in 2014 the dream could finally be formed and the project started. 

The Trapiche lot has been re-planted by Gustavo and his father with the catuai-caturra variety about 15 years ago. They also planted various trees that work perfectly as shade like bananas, oranges, lemons, and avocados. They wisely dug out terraces on the mountainside to create a secure environment and avoid soil erosion. It is this type of foresight and care that we believe makes a great producer. This Natural Catuai was one of our favorites on the cupping table. This is the first of our Costa Rica rollout! Collect all three!