Costa Rica - Diego Abarca

Tasting Notes: Raspberry - Parmesan - Vanilla 
Variety: Typica
Processing:Extended Ferment, Anaerobic Natural 
Origin:Costa Rica 

Bring an open mind and a curious palate to the cup for this one! Truly one of the most complex, interesting coffees we've ever had the pleasure of tasting. We're offering this experiential coffee in 100g bags. Sip & discuss, friends! 

Why is it so interesting?We're impressed with Diego's willingness to experiment. Thanks to our buds at Selva Coffee, we were able to hop on FaceTime call with Deigo to talk about his processing methods and intention for the coffee. He said he decided to cover his coffees for two full days for an extended, anaerobic natural process prior to finishing them on the patios. The combination of a lesser common Typica variety with the extended fermentation leaves us with an incredible savory aroma and complex body.

We have a very limited supply of this particular coffee. Only a few batches will be roasted! You're gonna want to  jump on this limited run if you're interested. Don't sleep! 

Brewing: You might as well throw your brewing recipe in the trash and trust us: go quite a bit finer than you normally would. The brew will still finish faster than you think it will. For example: We normally don't drop below a 5 on our EK and prefer a 3-3:30 brew time. WELP: We're at about 4.5 on the EK and still coming up at about 2:40. Short brew, INCREDIBLE coffee.